Ship Inventory and Aquisitions

Basic contents of the Lightbringer

Ledger of Fleet Inventory
Profit Factor Pending Profit Complications
44 +2 0
Item Quality Quantity Rarity
Lasgun Common 1978 in armory Common
Charge Pack Common Enough for 1978 weapons Common
Hot Charge Pack Common Enough for 100 weapons Scarce
Stun Grenades Common Enough to equip 50 men in armory Scarce
Boarding Pike Common 2000 in various stations around the ship Common
Flak Vest Common Enough for 978 men Average
Void Suit Common Enough for 10000 men Plentiful
Microbead Common Enough for 1000 men Average
Aquila Lander Common 2 Craft (Carrying capacity of 11 each including pilot) Scarce
Arvus Lighter Common 3 Craft (Carrying capacity of 14 each including crew) Average
Gun Cutter Common 1 Craft (Carrying capacity of 35 each including crew) Very Rare
Halo Barge Common 3 Craft (Carrying capacity of 42 each including crew) Scarce
Respirator / Gas Mask Common 1000 in emergency stations throughout the ship Average
Survival Suit Common Enough for all crew working in hazardous conditions Plentiful
Medikit Common 1500 in emergency stations throughout the ship, 500 in med facilities Common
Glow Globe Common Enough for entire crew Abundant
Magboots Common 30 reserved for external maintenance crews Rare
Servitors Poor 750 servitors, 250 servo skulls Scarce
Record of Pending Acquisitions

Current Marketplace: None

Requestor Item Quality Quantity Rarity Success
Vorgen ‘Wrath’ Plasma Pistols Common 5 Extremely Rare Obtained 1 Common, 1 Poor Quality
Vorgen Hired Twistcatchers (Tech – Light Infantry) Veteran 100 Scarce Obtained 23
Vorgen Hired Medics (Modern – Light Infantry) Veteran 5 Scarce Obtained 5
Vorgen Hired Squad (Tech – Med Infantry) Professional 5 Scarce Unable to obtain
Maccharius Navis Prima Best 1 Very Rare Obtained 2 Good Quality Prima’s (Equate to one Best)
Maccharius Photo Visors/Contacts Common 5 Scarce Obtained 1
Maccharius Night Cloak Common 5 Average Obtained 5
Maccharius Almanac Astrae Divinitus Common 1 Extremely Rare Obtained 1 Poor Quality Almanac
Maccharius Combi-Tool Common 1 Rare Failed to obtain
Maccharius Grapplehawk Common 1 Very Rare Failed to obtain
Osnaut Mefonte’s Orthodoxy Common 1 Scarce Obtained 1 Poor Quality Tome
Maccharius Clothing and Adornment (Noble) Common ? Scarce Pending
Vorgen Starchart Collection Best 1 Extremely Rare Pending

Ship Inventory and Aquisitions

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