Legacy of Sin

Blessings of the House of Creed

The House of Creed, seen to many as little more then a puppet Dynasty to the Ecclesiarchy but to others it houses a far more sinister history. Believed to have survived the Inquisitional pyres by favor of the Ministorum alone it has never regained the glory of its yesteryear. The families writ was granted at the bequest of the Brotherhood of Scarus towards the tail end of the Age of Apostasy in an attempt to found new missionaries in the havens of the Calyx Expanse. The zealous members of the House were little more then a footnote during the Angevin Campaign investing most of thier resources to further the ends of the Brotherhood and its offshoot sects like the Draven Covenant. It wasn’t until the emergence of the Tellurian Combine that the Dynasty came into its real power.

When the Combine was exposed for what it truly was the House of Creed was caught in the backdraft of the conspiracy, doomed to burn for Heresy. That was until the influencial Draven Covenant spoke on the Houses’ behalf exhonorating it with the signifigant political clout of the Ministorum. Despite its best efforts the Inquisition conceeded defeat and the name of Creed limped into the end of the 41st millennium.

Today the House stuggles to repay the favors of its past while still scraping a profit from the expanses of void beyond the boundries of the Imperium. The current writ holder, Cristobal ‘Crusade’ Creed, is a weary man. Blessed with a fertile seed and equally cursed to outlive all but one of his offspring he hesitantly calls upon the last of his kin to venture forth into the Koronus Expanse in a desperate attempt to give meaning to all his loss.

And so begins our story of the fateful voyages of Rapture Creed….

Legacy of Sin

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