Shipboard Factions

Here follows the summary and statistics of various factions of fleet crew and their NPC leaders.

IX Faeryth Legion “Vortex”
RoleSecurity Force
LeaderZayne Braddock

In rare cases soldiers who inlisted in the Imperial Guard will have served their time and choose to muster out in favor of the more lucrative trade of mercenary work, the IX Faeryth Legion is no exception. Having served for over 30 years in the guard the remanants of the ninth found most of thier legion wiped out in various campaigns in the name of the God-Emperor. Reduced to a mere handful of men they collectively decided to leave the life of a career soldier behind and take a gamble on the Rogue Trader Rapture.

Only the original members of the ninth mustered out under their percieved leader Cpl Zayne Braddock. Though few in number they are well trained and are familiar with the rigors of war. Their statistics are below:

  1. 16 Ex-Guardsmen – Professional Quality
  2. Modern – Las Guns, Flakcoats
  3. Light Infantry – Power Level 4 (Due to substandard equipment)
Crimson Squad – KIA
RoleStrike Team
LeaderGriff Taylson

The Crimson Squad was a small detachment of the Crimson Legion, a well known mercenary group based out of Footfall. There price was high for good reason as there members were well trained and organized. The origins of the Legion trace back to the Garron system, a series of heavy industrial worlds only slightly behind the technological levels of the more developed Imperial worlds. Favoring stubber guns manufactured on Garron Prime the Legion seeks employment accross the Koronus Expanse.

The Squad was a tight knit group favoring their own to working with others and was comprised of 4 troopers and one heavy weapons expert. They met thier end on the world of Zayth covering the explorers from two converging forces of the native inhabitants. Their statistics are below:

  1. All Men KIA – Professional Quality
  2. Technological – Stub Automatics / Heavy Stubber, Light Carapace
  3. Medium Infantry – Power Level 6
Sisters of Saint Leonna
RoleTrauma Team
LeaderSister Yuella

The Sisters of Saint Leonna can trace there origin back to the Angevin crusade. Leonna was a particularly pious nun who established one of the first crusade based hospices on the initial worlds reconquered by Angevin. As the crusade passed deeper into the Calixis sector the need to branch out into numerous monestaries arose and even today many of these field hospitals still exist. As the Calixis sector became more civilized the need for these hospices dwindled and the nuns of the Sisterhood have migrated the bulk of their operations towards the rim where the ever presence of danger affords them ample work. Sister Yuella was an orphan abandoned as a child with a particularlly nasty disease that left her all but crippled through most of her childhood. If it were not for the Rogue Trader Gideon Xhan who had discovered a world that contained a natural cure for her ailment she surely would have perished. Since that day she believes aiding travellers within the Expanse is her calling and she attends to their wounded with the zeal of Saint Leonna herself.

The Sisters aboard the Lightbringer are an example of the upper echelons of the Sisterhood as a whole. Their equipment is very advanced as are thier skills and they will not shirk from the duties that need to be done. Thier statistics are as follows:

  1. 5 Sister – Veteran Quality
  2. Modern – Advanced Medi-Kits, Flak & Light Carapace
  3. Light Infantry – Power Level 5
Mad Dawg’s Bloodhounds
RoleTwistcatcher Team
Leader‘Mad Dawg’ Murphey

The Bloodhounds are not your typical mercanary band. They made a name for themselves in Footfall as one of the premier trackers of mutants and normals alike. Accustomed to working in tight quarters and narrow gangways they are a very shallow step above your average narco ganger. They have no tolerance for twists who think themselves the equal to an untainted human and consider all mutants to be nothing short of disposable labor. They are known for getting the job done using whatever means are at there disposal.

‘Mad Dawg’ is the epitome of hatred towards Twists. His wife was raped and killed by a twist underhive gang in his home world. Since that day he makes it his personal goal to kill, imprison or enslave every last mutant in the Imperium.

  1. 23 ‘Hounds’ – Veteran Quality
  2. Technological – Mixed Shock Clubs / Neural Whips / Choke Grenades, Heavy Flak
  3. Light Infantry – Power Level 4

Shipboard Factions

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