Tag: Neutral


  • Baron Djanko Scourge

    Djanko Scourge has been described by some of his many rivals and detractors as having the "psychopathic tendencies of a Fenksworld Pit Thing, but only half the charm." Some have gone so far as to say this is a terrible slur on the Pit Thing. Djanko's …

  • Jeremiah Blitz

    A recent conversation between Lord Captain Rapture Creed and Jeremiah Blitz resulted in several advances towards the young female scion. Despite her attempts to pry away some bit of knowledge from the roguish figure he remains a mystery to the explorers.

  • Lady Sun Lee

    Rumored head of the House of Ma'Kao with numerous holdings accross the entire Segmentum mostly of the agricultural influence. The sword to her side is more then just ornamental and it is rumored she is an adept swordsman.

  • Liege Tanthus Moross

    Careful observation has led the officers of the Lightbringer to conclude that the Liege of Footfall is more of a figurehead then a real position of power, it would appear he holds power so long as the Rogue Traders allow him to.

  • Lord-Admiral Bastille The Seventh

    Lord Admiral Bastille is the scion of an ancient Rogue Trader line. Having no hopes of inheriting the writ he accepted a commissionin the Imperial Navy. However a freak accident with a vortex torpedo during a family conference resulted in the main line …

  • The Provisor

    A sinister individual whom is rumoured to deal in the darkest of trades among Footfall. His very presence makes the skin of the Lightbringers crew crawl.

  • Vladaym Tocara

    Vladaym Tocara is rumored to be linked to the orgainzed Cold Trade found on Footfall. If this is true then he is a powerful man with links to all manner of illicit characters of all ranks of society.