Legacy of Sin

Beset on All Sides.

Dearest Winter,

p. I wish I could say the news was better, but things seem to get more and more complicated. p. First, aboard the Lightbringer, the raising of the warp drive seemed to keep the golden ahem rod from teleporting. We contacted the inquisition and they sent a representative we are all too familiar with. After making us feel stupid, we discovered that when we lowered the geller field to allow him to board, the rod disappeared again. We were also hailed by Footfall, so we had to leave the inquisitor on the ship to deal with the artifact and deal with the trail Zeal left on the station. p. Once on the station, we were propositioned by an alien band of mercenaries, I beleive they are known as Kroots, or the Kroot. We exchanged some weaponry with them and in return they acted as bodyguards. Meeting up with a former employee of Zeal’s, we found he left behind some kind of glyph rock that appears to be important. Immediately after discovering the item, a mechanical bird snatched it and tried to fly away. I am happy to report that its finesse was found wanting, and an energy blast from my hellgun to its head made it rethink its mission. We recovered the rock, were beset upon by grunts of some kind, who our new Kroot friends made quick work of. Apparently, they eat their kill. Everyone seemed to have trouble accepting this fact, but I was unfazed. I’ve seen much, much worse. p. The grunts were in the employ of another, shady rougue trader, so it is likely this conflict is not over with. We will have to watch our backs, it seems, while on Footfall. p. Now, we are to attend a dinner for the head of Footfall. I don’t feel the need for this piece of diplomacy, but who knows what I may find out. I am never able to turn down the possibility of information gathering, and in a room full of rougue traders, who knows what I can pick up? If I am to take a guess based on our luck so far, I would guess something bad will happen at the meal, and it will somehow be our fault. p. As always, I hope this finds you.
We Found a Dildo in the Captain's Quarters

Dearest Winter,

These are strange times aboard the Lightbringer.

As we implemented our plan of confronting the navigator with the artifact in his head, we found the 2 armsmen we had left behind to be making up a wall of zombies in front of him. Powering up the warp drive seemed to work, as the navigator this time was not content to sit in his chair while we fought. He advanced upon us, and we smote his ruin on the bridge.

The artifact, and 6-inch golden cylinder, was left behind. We encased it in some piping to bring it back aboard with us. I know what you are thinking – what a needless risk! Our decision was motivated by the fact that if we left the artifact behind when salvage crews came, who knows what destruction it could wrought. We decided it best to take it and report it to the Inquisition and let them handle it.

We also found a recording in Zeal’s room, which the captain was unwilling to share, presumably due to its personal nature. We new that Zeal’s last stop before deciding to get back to the Imperium was Footfall, so we decided that would be our next destination.

This is where things got strange.

After popping out of warp a few days from Footfall, we lost power. It lasted a few minutes, then was restored. When the captain went to her room, she found the long, cylindrical artifact sitting on her desk. It had been locked away in storage, so how it got into her room is a mystery. We presumed the power outage was somehow related to the artifact, that it had sucked power from the drive in order to “power up.” We have brought up our Geller Field to keep it from accessing the warp (as that worked against the navigator earlier) and are running the ship with minimal power.

We are learning now that the outage may not have even been related to artifact, but some other unknown issue on the ship. Mysteries upon mysteries, Winter. Hopefully, we can unravel them without unraveling ourselves.

As always, I hope this finds you.

Here there be Zombies

Dearest Winter,

Upon boarding and inspecting Zeal’s ship, we found it was a mausoleum. The crew had been executed. Some shot, most were suffocated. Presumably, someone had evacuated the air out of the room, killing most everyone on the ship. We discovered the bridge and found the navigator with some kind of rod sticking out of his head. Once we entered, the doors were closed, he awoke, and the corpses he was surrounded with re-animated and shambled after us. I’ll admit, confidence got the best of me here. Their slow pace paired with the seeming ease to put them down clouded my judgment. I allowed myself to indulge in the pleasure of watching these abominations burst into flame as my hellgun charged into them.

We downed wave after wave of them, but they were unending. It became clear we would not be able to “shoot our way out” of this one. Our confessor, Osnaut, had already attempted to use his weapon on the navigator, who was obviously the controller of not only these creatures, but many functions on the ship. He attempt proved useless, as the navigator was protected by some kind of force field which denied his attack.

Rather that be overrun, or suffocated due to the ozygen being vented out of the room again, we searched for an exit. We located a vent, bust it open, disabled the fan (thanks to some quick thinking from Vorgen) and slid down the chute, away from the bridge. We lost a couple of our guards, but they died buying us the time we needed to escape.

We located a band of survivors (or more correctly, we were located by a band of survivors) and made our way to the engineerium. From there, we were able to normalize the oxygen levels in the room and turn up the lighting, as the dim light had made seeing our attackers a challenge.

We also noticed that the shield around the navigator ebbed with the ships geller field. We surmised that his shield may have to do with the warp, and if we powered up the geller field fully, it could disrupt his shield, leaving him vulnerable. If we are right, there is a good change I will be able to send another message to you.

If we are wrong, I will tell you in person.

As always, I hope this finds you.


Dearest Winter,

With the 2 wolfpack raiders bearing down on us, I will admit, I thought I would be joining you soon. Thankfully, they were not accomplished gunners, and with luck on our side, we were able to stave them off. We did not destroy either of them, which I found bittersweet. I hate leaving raiders alive to prey on the weak, but 1 ship left with a fire destroying its innards, so it likely will be left a crippled hulk somewhere. The other ran away and we were unable to keep up.

The ship they incapacitated was the Penitant Traveler. We searched the ship and found 5 survivors who were on their way to The Hermitage. We agreed to take them there. At least some good came out of that altercation.

Another good result is our captain was tested, and passed. Not only did she keep up spirits on the bridge and support us there, she often would take a lander out to try and damage the enemy ships from the inside. This was risky, but she took the risk with ease.

I had to try my hand at the guns, which was a new position for me. I managed to score a few hits, but did not do as well as we needed. Where we came out alive, I won’t complain.

Vorgen and Osnaut supported us as well, occasionally piloting the away craft, searching the enemy ships for weaknesses, and keeping the crew working. I feel it was the first time we worked together as a team since the addition of our new captain.

After the encounter, we located Zeal’s ship. It was sitting in the middle of an asteriod field. We used the ships guns to clear a path and now will pilot a lander to the ship and see what has become of him. I fear we the news we find will not be good, for him or us.

As always, I hope this finds you.

New Beginnings

Dearest Winter,
I deal with mystery. The new captain has not destroyed the ship as I thought possible, and at first I thought Vorgen would have more trouble adjusting to the new position. He seems to be doing all right. At first, he was a little temperamental, which led to some troublesome situations at first. Now, we are kept too busy to worry about who has what role.
We are on the trail of the new captain’s brother. He went missing while searching for evidence of the divine path. It seems like a fools errand to me, I don’t see what the profit is in finding information so valuable, it cannot possibly be shared. But then again, there is a big part of me that desires to know where this path leads.
Following that desire has resulted in some interesting turn of events. The Zu’vath, an ancient advances race of aliens, left some technology behind, which was used to wreak havoc on the astropaths of Port Wander. The inquisition put down the xenos threat while we…distracted it. Also, a mechanicus ennvoy was torn apart on our ship by one of our own, it seems, and we have been unable to locate the culprit. They are loose on Port Wander, so they basically will be lost. I doubt even my contacts would be unable to locate them.
Being occupied with all these concerns, foolishly, I did not consider the trap we fell into. A fake distress call lured us into the firing range of 2 raiders. It was a rookie mistake that a tenured captain would never make and a new captain should not. I wonder if we have gotten in over our heads this time?
As always, I hope this message finds you.


The cobra-class destroyer, Lightbringer, has been around for a very long time. Her labyrinthine halls and archeotech plasma drive are, literally, the stuff of legend to certain cults.

The ship has functioned as it should. For the past 5 years, under the command of Vorgen Gandt, talented pilot and auger, the crew and ship were confident in their direction and leadership. Rarely did they miss their target or take longer to arrive than was promised.

The master of whispers, Maccharius Laertes, has been on the ship close to a decade, keeping pulse of crew and contacts tried to keep information, or misinformation, flowing where it should, ensuring a high morale and a crew that followed orders without question.

Prudence Wilcher, trusted astropath, is also the choir-master. She has been on the ship for a long time as well. Her covered eyes and uncanny ability to act as if she can see can be disconcerting to the crew, but her ability to know what no one else knows has become invaluable. Being on the ship as long as she has, the crew has gotten used to her. Somewhat.

While the above do their jobs, Marion Whitney, the twist catcher, prowls the ship, trying to find crew members who have abandoned their post, using the universal language of his mono-sword to bring them back into the fold, or terminating them with extreme prejudice. This is his job, and he does it very, very well.

The Lightbringer’s missions usually revolved around the spreading of the word of the Emperor. The family Creed seemed to still be trying to overcome the still bitter aftertaste of the ancestral treason, fervently sending the Lightbringer from world to world to establish missions all over the expanse.

Returning after a particularly long mission, exhausted, the ship was boarded by Rapture Creed, who promptly took control. Little is known about her, she is only daughter of Chastity and Crusade Creed, but her motivation for being the captain after it has been running for so long is unknown. She was joined by Osnaut, missionary and new ship confessor.

At this point, one wonders what the future has in store for the Lightbringer? How will Vorgen take his demotion to first mate? Will Rapture be able to skillfully lead the ship? Does she have the experience and skill necessary to do what a captain must? Do her goals for the ship align with her families? Will her direction for the ship carve a path of glory or shame? One thing is for certain: with Rapture at the helm, nothing will be the same.

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