Prudence Wilcher

Choir-Master Telepathica


Character Name: Prudence Wilcher

Career Path: Battlefleet → Unnatural Origin → Tainted: Deviant Philosophy → Darkness → Fear → A Proud Tradition

Wounds Fate Points Insanity Corruption
8 4 14 5
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
38 33 33 41+ 43+ 45++ 45+ 60+ 32
Basic Skills Trained Skills Talents
Barter Awareness Light Sleeper
Carouse Ciphers (Astrophath Sign) Paranoia
Charm Common Lore (Astra Telepathica) Talented (Psyniscience)
Climb Common Lore (Imperial Navy) Psychic Technique x3
Command Dodge Heightened Senses (Sound)
Concealment Forbidden Lore (Psykers) Resistance (Poison)
Contortionist Forbidden Lore (Warp) Resistance (Psychic)
Decieve Invocation Peer (Mutants)
Disguise Pilot (Space Craft) Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
Evaluate Psyniscience +10 Warp Affinity
Gamble Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) Psy Rating 3
Inquiry Scholastic Lore (Occult)
Intimidate Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)
Logic Speak Language (High Gothic)
Scrutiny Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Search Speak Language (Battlefleet Warcant)
Silent Move
Phsycic Powers
Power Discipline Test Range
Thought Sending Telepathy: Basic None 1km x Psy Rating
Astral Telepathy Telepathy: Basic Willpower See page 163
Compel Telepathy: Domination Opposed Willpower 5m x Psy Rating
Sensory Deprivation Telepathy: Domination Opposed Willpower 10m x Psy Rating

Special Abilities:

Officer on Deck: +5 on Command tests while aboard a starship.

Void Accustomed: Immune to space sickness, Treat low / zero gravity as normal terrain.

Ship Bound Fighter: When fighting in open spaces suffer -2 Initiative and double penalty for long range or greater.

Soul Bound: +20 WP – vs – Daemonic posession or psychic powers, Roll extra d10 on the Perils of the Warp table. (May replace first or second digit with this roll)

See Without Eyes: Can see normally despite lack of eyes, Not effected by sight related hazzards such as flash grenades.

Role: Choir-Master Telepathica – Increase range of Telepathic signals by one step.

Best Stub Automatic Shock Staff Guard Flak Armor
Micro Bead Void Suit Psy Focus


Good Quality Voidskin2


+ – Number of advances taken

1 – From Origin Path

2 – Free Aquisition

Prudence Wilcher’s Advancement


Prudence Wilcher

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