Praetus Magnus

Grizzled Inquisitor


Dressed in the long coat of a naval commissar and enhanced with a cybernetic eye this grizzled looking man maintains an aura of fear and intimidation. When first encountered he appeared to be a wizened old voidfarer with some knowledge of the House of Creed. Despite his attempts to conceal himself he always strides with purpose and determination.


First encountered in a random bar on Port Wander, Praetus confronted Rapture and her crew with a desire to know the real history of the House of Creed. From the beginning he gave the impression he knew more than he was letting on. Later the explorers were saved from certain demise by the Inquisitor who only commented on how he expected such things from the House of Creed. However an empassioned plea from Rapture about finding her brother Zeal allowed them to escape a more careful scrutiny with promises that they would meet again.

Praetus Magnus

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