Marion Whitney

Twist Catcher


Character Name: Marion Whitney “Marley”

Career Path: Frontier World → Unnatural Origins → Crusade: Warrior → Calamity → Fear

Wounds Fate Points Insanity Corruption
12 2 22 0
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
53 32 41 41 52+ 29 34 34 22
Basic Skills Trained Skills Talents
Awareness Common Lore (War) Ambidextrous
Barter Dodge Autosanguine
Carouse Intimidate Chem Geld
Charm Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Meditation
Climb Secret Tongue (Military) Light Sleeper
Command Speak Language (Low Gothic) Nerves of Steel
Concealment Survival Jaded
Contortionist Wrangling Sound Constitution x1
Decieve Resistance (Fear)
Disguise Pistol Weapon Training – Universal
Evaluate Basic Weapon Training – Universal
Gamble Melee Weapon Training – Universal
Inquiry Thrown Weapon Training – Universal
Silent Move

Special Abilities:

Leary of Outsiders: -10 Fel to those he has not previously met.

Tenatious Survivalist: May reroll Initiative but must keep the second roll.

Xenos Interaction: May ignore Fear (2) and (1) from Xenos, also -5 with Imperial Cult interaction tests.

Weapon Master (Melee): +10 to hit, +2 to damage, +2 initiative when using melee weapons.

Role: Twistcatcher – After space combat may gain 1d5 crew at the cost of 1 morale.

Best Long-Las Good Mono-Sword Enforcer Light Carapace
Micro Bead Void Suit Bolt Shell Keepsake
Medi-kit Manacles Arms Coffer


Good Subskin Armor2


+ – Number of advances taken

1 – From Origin Path

2 – Free Aquisition

Marion Whitney’s Advancement


Marion Whitney

Legacy of Sin Gebhardt