Lord-Admiral Bastille The Seventh

Dynasty Influence Ship / Class Escorts Disposition
Bastille Unknown Unknown / Unknown Unknown Neutral

Lord-Admiral Bastille The Seventh holds himself with an obvious martial bearing. Dressed in the acoutraments of a naval officer of the highest caliber he maintains the pomp and circumstance of a man with purpose.


Lord Admiral Bastille is the scion of an ancient Rogue Trader line. Having no hopes of inheriting the writ he accepted a commissionin the Imperial Navy. However a freak accident with a vortex torpedo during a family conference resulted in the main line becomming extinct. Bastille resigned his commission and took over the family. It is said there was a major conflict between his House and the Imperial Navy that errupted into a small isolated war. The admiral is a man of power and should not be triffled with.

Lord-Admiral Bastille The Seventh

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