Baron Djanko Scourge

Dynasty Influence Ship / Class Escorts Disposition
Scourge Unknown Unknown / Unknown Unknown Neutral

Djanko is a bull of a man, well built if somewhat running to fat. He maintains what he imagines to be a suitable martial bearing. To this end, he attires himself in full military dress uniform, adorned with all manner of medals, each of which celebrates his achievement in subjugating a world. At his belt, Djanko bears a gold-plated plasma pistol. An obvious family heirloom.


Djanko Scourge has been described by some of his many rivals and detractors as having the “psychopathic tendencies of a Fenksworld Pit Thing, but only half the charm.” Some have gone so far as to say this is a terrible slur on the Pit Thing. Djanko’s Warrant of Trade was granted to his great-great-grandfather, Lord-General Khako “The Scourge”, following the prosecution of the highly destructive Jade Reach Supression. During that decade-long campaign, Khako is said to have razed a dozen worlds. Djanko has continued to profit from war and destruction.

Baron Djanko Scourge

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