Abel Gerrit

Scion to the House of Arcadius

Dynasty Influence Ship / Class Escorts Disposition
Arcadius Unknown Unknown / Havoc (Merchant Raider) None Favorable

Abel prefers a stylized duelling outfit to more formal clothing. He carries a pair of matched duelling blades at all times, finely balanced and master-crafted power weapons passed down through many generations. Due to Abel’s duelling, his handsome features are marred with scars. One especially vicious bout cost him an eye, but his gaze is steady and true none-the-less.


Abel Gerrit is a scion of the House Arcadius (albiet a distant one), an ancient clan of Rogue Traders who traditional area of operation has for several thousand years been the Imperium’s Eastern Rim. Recently, however, the clan’s head has determined it wise to branch out into other stretches of the galaxy.

The last few encounters with the crew of the Lightbringer have led to a mutual respect between Abel and the explorers. It is even rumored there may be a crush between the Captains.

Abel Gerrit

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