Legacy of Sin


The cobra-class destroyer, Lightbringer, has been around for a very long time. Her labyrinthine halls and archeotech plasma drive are, literally, the stuff of legend to certain cults.

The ship has functioned as it should. For the past 5 years, under the command of Vorgen Gandt, talented pilot and auger, the crew and ship were confident in their direction and leadership. Rarely did they miss their target or take longer to arrive than was promised.

The master of whispers, Maccharius Laertes, has been on the ship close to a decade, keeping pulse of crew and contacts tried to keep information, or misinformation, flowing where it should, ensuring a high morale and a crew that followed orders without question.

Prudence Wilcher, trusted astropath, is also the choir-master. She has been on the ship for a long time as well. Her covered eyes and uncanny ability to act as if she can see can be disconcerting to the crew, but her ability to know what no one else knows has become invaluable. Being on the ship as long as she has, the crew has gotten used to her. Somewhat.

While the above do their jobs, Marion Whitney, the twist catcher, prowls the ship, trying to find crew members who have abandoned their post, using the universal language of his mono-sword to bring them back into the fold, or terminating them with extreme prejudice. This is his job, and he does it very, very well.

The Lightbringer’s missions usually revolved around the spreading of the word of the Emperor. The family Creed seemed to still be trying to overcome the still bitter aftertaste of the ancestral treason, fervently sending the Lightbringer from world to world to establish missions all over the expanse.

Returning after a particularly long mission, exhausted, the ship was boarded by Rapture Creed, who promptly took control. Little is known about her, she is only daughter of Chastity and Crusade Creed, but her motivation for being the captain after it has been running for so long is unknown. She was joined by Osnaut, missionary and new ship confessor.

At this point, one wonders what the future has in store for the Lightbringer? How will Vorgen take his demotion to first mate? Will Rapture be able to skillfully lead the ship? Does she have the experience and skill necessary to do what a captain must? Do her goals for the ship align with her families? Will her direction for the ship carve a path of glory or shame? One thing is for certain: with Rapture at the helm, nothing will be the same.



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