Legacy of Sin


Dearest Winter,

With the 2 wolfpack raiders bearing down on us, I will admit, I thought I would be joining you soon. Thankfully, they were not accomplished gunners, and with luck on our side, we were able to stave them off. We did not destroy either of them, which I found bittersweet. I hate leaving raiders alive to prey on the weak, but 1 ship left with a fire destroying its innards, so it likely will be left a crippled hulk somewhere. The other ran away and we were unable to keep up.

The ship they incapacitated was the Penitant Traveler. We searched the ship and found 5 survivors who were on their way to The Hermitage. We agreed to take them there. At least some good came out of that altercation.

Another good result is our captain was tested, and passed. Not only did she keep up spirits on the bridge and support us there, she often would take a lander out to try and damage the enemy ships from the inside. This was risky, but she took the risk with ease.

I had to try my hand at the guns, which was a new position for me. I managed to score a few hits, but did not do as well as we needed. Where we came out alive, I won’t complain.

Vorgen and Osnaut supported us as well, occasionally piloting the away craft, searching the enemy ships for weaknesses, and keeping the crew working. I feel it was the first time we worked together as a team since the addition of our new captain.

After the encounter, we located Zeal’s ship. It was sitting in the middle of an asteriod field. We used the ships guns to clear a path and now will pilot a lander to the ship and see what has become of him. I fear we the news we find will not be good, for him or us.

As always, I hope this finds you.



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