Legacy of Sin

New Beginnings

Dearest Winter,
I deal with mystery. The new captain has not destroyed the ship as I thought possible, and at first I thought Vorgen would have more trouble adjusting to the new position. He seems to be doing all right. At first, he was a little temperamental, which led to some troublesome situations at first. Now, we are kept too busy to worry about who has what role.
We are on the trail of the new captain’s brother. He went missing while searching for evidence of the divine path. It seems like a fools errand to me, I don’t see what the profit is in finding information so valuable, it cannot possibly be shared. But then again, there is a big part of me that desires to know where this path leads.
Following that desire has resulted in some interesting turn of events. The Zu’vath, an ancient advances race of aliens, left some technology behind, which was used to wreak havoc on the astropaths of Port Wander. The inquisition put down the xenos threat while we…distracted it. Also, a mechanicus ennvoy was torn apart on our ship by one of our own, it seems, and we have been unable to locate the culprit. They are loose on Port Wander, so they basically will be lost. I doubt even my contacts would be unable to locate them.
Being occupied with all these concerns, foolishly, I did not consider the trap we fell into. A fake distress call lured us into the firing range of 2 raiders. It was a rookie mistake that a tenured captain would never make and a new captain should not. I wonder if we have gotten in over our heads this time?
As always, I hope this message finds you.



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