Legacy of Sin

Here there be Zombies

Dearest Winter,

Upon boarding and inspecting Zeal’s ship, we found it was a mausoleum. The crew had been executed. Some shot, most were suffocated. Presumably, someone had evacuated the air out of the room, killing most everyone on the ship. We discovered the bridge and found the navigator with some kind of rod sticking out of his head. Once we entered, the doors were closed, he awoke, and the corpses he was surrounded with re-animated and shambled after us. I’ll admit, confidence got the best of me here. Their slow pace paired with the seeming ease to put them down clouded my judgment. I allowed myself to indulge in the pleasure of watching these abominations burst into flame as my hellgun charged into them.

We downed wave after wave of them, but they were unending. It became clear we would not be able to “shoot our way out” of this one. Our confessor, Osnaut, had already attempted to use his weapon on the navigator, who was obviously the controller of not only these creatures, but many functions on the ship. He attempt proved useless, as the navigator was protected by some kind of force field which denied his attack.

Rather that be overrun, or suffocated due to the ozygen being vented out of the room again, we searched for an exit. We located a vent, bust it open, disabled the fan (thanks to some quick thinking from Vorgen) and slid down the chute, away from the bridge. We lost a couple of our guards, but they died buying us the time we needed to escape.

We located a band of survivors (or more correctly, we were located by a band of survivors) and made our way to the engineerium. From there, we were able to normalize the oxygen levels in the room and turn up the lighting, as the dim light had made seeing our attackers a challenge.

We also noticed that the shield around the navigator ebbed with the ships geller field. We surmised that his shield may have to do with the warp, and if we powered up the geller field fully, it could disrupt his shield, leaving him vulnerable. If we are right, there is a good change I will be able to send another message to you.

If we are wrong, I will tell you in person.

As always, I hope this finds you.



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