Legacy of Sin

Beset on All Sides.

Dearest Winter,

p. I wish I could say the news was better, but things seem to get more and more complicated. p. First, aboard the Lightbringer, the raising of the warp drive seemed to keep the golden ahem rod from teleporting. We contacted the inquisition and they sent a representative we are all too familiar with. After making us feel stupid, we discovered that when we lowered the geller field to allow him to board, the rod disappeared again. We were also hailed by Footfall, so we had to leave the inquisitor on the ship to deal with the artifact and deal with the trail Zeal left on the station. p. Once on the station, we were propositioned by an alien band of mercenaries, I beleive they are known as Kroots, or the Kroot. We exchanged some weaponry with them and in return they acted as bodyguards. Meeting up with a former employee of Zeal’s, we found he left behind some kind of glyph rock that appears to be important. Immediately after discovering the item, a mechanical bird snatched it and tried to fly away. I am happy to report that its finesse was found wanting, and an energy blast from my hellgun to its head made it rethink its mission. We recovered the rock, were beset upon by grunts of some kind, who our new Kroot friends made quick work of. Apparently, they eat their kill. Everyone seemed to have trouble accepting this fact, but I was unfazed. I’ve seen much, much worse. p. The grunts were in the employ of another, shady rougue trader, so it is likely this conflict is not over with. We will have to watch our backs, it seems, while on Footfall. p. Now, we are to attend a dinner for the head of Footfall. I don’t feel the need for this piece of diplomacy, but who knows what I may find out. I am never able to turn down the possibility of information gathering, and in a room full of rougue traders, who knows what I can pick up? If I am to take a guess based on our luck so far, I would guess something bad will happen at the meal, and it will somehow be our fault. p. As always, I hope this finds you.



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